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InterCity 125 Greeting Card

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High-quality greeting card of the InterCity 125, introduced by British Rail in 1975 and manufactured until 1982. The fastest diesel-powered locomotive ever built, the InterCity 125's early prototypes set the world speed record for a diesel locomotive at 143mpg in 1973. In service, the InterCity 125 broke its own record twice, sitting 144mph in 1985, and 148mph in 1987.

The InterCity 125 ran passenger services across Britain, slashing journey times across the board. Several operators continue to operate the InterCity 125 today, though its lifespan does seem to be coming to an end after almost fifty years of loyal service.

This illustration by Rob Wisdom is a high-quality greeting card. For our Giclée art print of the InterCity 125, click here.

Printed by high definition Jet Press on 400gsm silk stock. Designed and printed in England by a certified carbon balanced printer on paper from responsible sources.