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Orford, Suffolk Giclée Travel Poster

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Giclée travel poster of the village of Orford in East Suffolk. Shown here is a view down Castle Terrace, looking past the Crown and Castle Pub and up towards the eponymous Orford Castle. Orford is an idyllic village on the River Alde, not quite coastal, and is widely seen as one of Suffolk's most charming destinations - but is best known for Orford Csatle.

Built in the 1100s by Henry II as a check on the power of local noble Hugh Bigod (whose seat was in nearby Framlingham Castle), Orford Castle was unique in the design of its keep - polygonal, while most Norman keeps of that era were square - and originally would have been surrounded by an outer curtain wall. The castle saw multiple sieges early in its life - being captured by French forces in 1216, and being besieging back and forth several times during the Second Barons War (1264-1267).

By the 1500s, Orford Castle was no longer needed as a military structure, and te curtain wall was demolished. Thankfully, the keep was preserved, and - after a spell as an RAF radar station during the Second World War - Orford Castle came into English Heritage's stewardship in 1962. Over the last few years, the castle has experienced restoration work, with a new lime render added to protect the castle's aging walls from crumbling.

This Suffolk illustration by artist Tom Wisdom is a high-quality Giclée travel poster on cotton-rich fine art paper. For our premium art print of Orford, click here.

12x16" print shown. Cropping and title position (if applicable) may differ slightly on 'A' size prints.