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  • The Wear Pond, Writtle Travel Poster
  • Original illustration of Writtle, Essex
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Writtle, Essex Giclée Travel Poster

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Giclée travel poster of Writtle, located just outside of Chelmsford in Essex. Writtle is a village with a unexpected dose of royal history - Robert the Bruce, one of the most famous medieval Kings of Scotland, was probably born in Writtle. Writtle's medeival history is reflected today by a large number of timber-framed houses. Since 1893, the village has been home to Writtle University College.

Depicted in this illustration is Writtle Village Green in the centre of the village, with an idyllic view over the Wear Pond. The Wear Pond was home to 'Godfrey', a goose who ilived to the ripe old age of 45. Following Godfrey's passing in 2015, a life-size statue of him was fund-raised by the people of Writtle, and unveiled the following year.

This Essex illustration by artist Chris Blackman is a high-quality Giclée travel poster on cotton-rich fine art paper. For our Giclée art print of Writtle, click here.

12x16" print shown. Cropping and title position (if applicable) may differ slightly on 'A' size prints.