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  • Greensted Church, Essex Travel Poster
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Greensted Church, Essex Giclée Travel Poster

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Giclée travel poster of St. Andrew's Church in Greensted, Essex. Greensted Church, as it is more commonly known, is likely the oldest wooden church in the world, and oldest wooden building of any variety in Europe, that is still standing to this day - having been built sometime around 1053, placing it before the Norman conquest of 1066. An earlier church on the site is suspected to have been built in the 650s, and was briefly the resting place of St Edmund the Martyr.

Greensted Church's nave, the oldest part of the building, was constructed from split oak trunks in the traditional Anglo-Saxon style, and is mostly original. The current brick-built chancel dates to the 16th century, while the white weatherboarded tower was built in the early 17th century. Greensted Church finally settled into its current form in the Victorian period, with the additional of some brickwork and other small changes. The building has a rich and varied history, building upon its early medeival origins throughout the centuries.

This Essex illustration by artist Rob Wisdom is a high quality Giclée travel poster. For our classic art print of Greensted Church, click here.

12x16" print shown. Cropping and title position (if applicable) may differ slightly on 'A' size prints.