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Typhoon (No. 3 Squadron RAF) Giclée Art Print

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Original illustration of a Hawker Typhoon fighter-bomber, as used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) during the Second World War. Originally conceived as a successor to the Hawker Hurricane, the Typhoon was blessed with impressive speed - the only RAF fighter capable of intercepting the Fw 190 - and firepower - with four 20mm Hispano autocannons, and space for rockets underwing.

Thie Typhoon in this illustration, R8895, was flown by Fl/Sgt Ron Pottinger on No.3 Squadron, then based at RAF Bradwell Bay in Essex. On 22 March 1944, an engine issue on take-off forced Pottinger to crash-land into the River Blackwater. Fortuantely, he survived the incident and went on to have a distinguished career - flying Hawker Tempests alongside Stan Domanski, whose aircraft we have also illustrated. R8895 was recovered from the river in 1971.

This illustration by Rob Wisdom is a high quality Giclée art print on cotton-rich fine art paper.

12x16" print shown. Cropping and title position (if applicable) may differ slightly on 'A' size prints.